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A Corporate Hub and its Eating Arena: DLF Cybercity and Cyber Hub

Today, I had to get my Mac repaired ( some screws were loose) and Lekshmy and I went to the Mac service centre in DLF Cyber city.

DLF Cyber city is a sprawling corporate campus in Gurgaon where many a corporate companies have set up office. Lekshmy’s company (Maersk Line) which is a shipping company is housed next to Ericsson and then there are offices of many major companies like Discovery Channel, IBM etc. Though the corporate park is not as big the ones in Bangalore (like the ITPL) Cybercity has a definite plus that it can boast of. The DLF Cyberhub. The cyberhub is an eating area that is part of the cybercity and has a large number of fine dining restaurants. I haven’t seen so many fine dining restaurants in any of the Tech parks in Bangalore. I am not sure if something has come up since the day I left Bangalore.

Other than that, Cybercity is very much like any other Corporate park. At every nook and corner, you have some two three well dressed men, burning their lives away with a cigarette, talking away like they have the world’s future to be solved over that puff, boldly dressed women, some who are comfortable and confident in their low cut frocks, while the others trying to fit in and overly conscious of the length of their dresses, men with large bellies trying to hold it in with in their tucked in shirt.. It symbolises and incorporates everything I used to hate about Indian corporate culture. Pretentious people trying to out converse the other person regarding the importance of the work they do or the pay check (compensation, they call it) they receive.

Despite all that, I loved going there today. I believe, once in a while, the corporate air is fun to take in. It reminds you why you left that world behind. It reminds you exactly where you want to be in life, exactly what you want to achieve. I am sure many would not agree with my views. But this was my experience with that world. I did not like it. I know many people who love it. To each his own, right?

Here are some pictures from our evening at the DLF Cybercity. We dined at a restaurant called Made in Punjab. We ordered the following. We hadn’t dined out in the last month and we loved it, even though the whole thing burned a hole in my pocket. Here are some pictures from our day out today. If you are in Gurgaon, I urge you to visit cyberhub at night. It will take care of one evening for you.


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