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What I hate in Gurgaon!

It has been almost 3 months in Gurgaon for me and I think the city qualifies as the worst I have lived in until now. There are many things that suck in Gurgaon. The people are generally unfriendly, the climate sucks ( alternating between the two extremes), there is no civic infrastructure, its too dusty, unhygienic surroundings, very irritating traffic; You name any issue you have ever faced in any city, and you will find it here. However, there is one thing that I hate the most about Gurgaon. That is the lack of public transportation.

Unlike Delhi, which boasts a very sound metro system, Gurgaon presents the stark opposite. The city is completely devoid of any mode of public transportation. The DMRC yellow line has 5 stations which end at the HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) City Centre metro, and then you have the Rapid metro which runs in a loop around the DLF Cyber city and that’s it. That is all there is to the public transportation facility in the so called NCR Region.

There are no transport buses or local trainsĀ or any other facility in Gurgaon. If you want to move around, you have to resort to private cab services (including taxi aggregators like Uber), or the lecherously money hungry autowallahs or the cycle rickshaws. This means that almost every other resident here has to resort to private transportation and Gurgaon is a prime example of single passenger four wheelers crowding the city traffic.

To add to this, there is absolutely no road sense in the people here. I think this is something that is lost as you move from south to north of India. In Kerala, you see people driving somewhat sensibly and as you move northwards (Bangalore < Mumbai < Aurangabad < Gurgaon) the senselessness keeps on increasing. There is no lane concept. You often are not able to figure out which lane you are driving in, and the only way you can figure it out is by following in close on the car in front. Of course, being from India, the whole thing doesn’t come as a shock. The only addition is the extra caution that you have to exercise.

Put in a large number of cows, shoddy construction going on around the road and the dust, Gurgaon makes you hate it. The only thing the city boast of is the sprawling shopping malls and building constructed by DLF Group. And I am sure, they have many a bad tales to tell. If only the government here put in more attention to provide these facilities to the citizens rather than fighting it out about the mythical existence of Guru Dronacharya, life here would be much more enjoyable for many a people.


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