Yarrows Diaries: Mumbai-Delhi-Shimla: Back in Yarrows

The powers that be decided that the OT’s can travel an entire night and reach Shimla and still attend the afternoon session of training. Thus ended the 1 week long Mumbai attachment.

Yesterday was a really hectic day. In the morning we paid a visit to the SEBI office where we were scheduled to have an introductory session on SEBI and also the various investment instruments that an average person should be aware of. It was one of the most interesting session that I attended in th week long attachment. As a person who keeps a close watch on the various investment instruments available in the market, I found the SEBI session highly engaging and interesting.

On a personal note too, the SEBI visit was a source of joy to me. My friend Javed, who used to prepare for the CSE with me is currently employed by SEBI. He had written the Group A Exam of SEBI (which is a highly competitive exam) and got in. Thus I could make use of the official visit to catch up on news with Javed.

Another thing needs to be said here. Both SEBI and RBI, forming the regulatory wing of the government in Capital market and Banking sector, completely belies the expectation one might have about a government office. Both are state of the art corporate offices, which are very well designed and decorated. I found the RBI office to be more aesthetic. But that might be because we got to spend more time at RBI.

Once we were done with the session at SEBI, we returned to the IAAS Regional Training Institute where we had been put up for the last one week. The afternoon was planned to be spent with the Principal Accountants General’s office in Mumbai and from there we would directly leave for the airport.

The PAG office visit was interesting. Mumbai PAG office is responsible for the Audit of 17 districts of Maharashtra while Nagpur office takes care of the Audit of Vidarbha region. There is another PAG-III which takes care of the commercial audit of PSU’s in the state of Maharashtra.

Visit to PAG, Mumbai
Visit to PAG, Mumbai

The Mumbai office is pretty huge and also located in a very central area of Mumbai. In the interactive session, we once again got to know why IAAS is a service which provides very high satisfaction to its officers, amongst all civil services. It is a service where opportunities abound and the learning never stops. Many doubts fired our minds. Some of the questions that we asked our seniors were

  • Did you attempt the CSE after getting into IAAS ?
  • How much of the training imparted in the academy was helpful in the field?
  • Do IAAS officers face any threats on the field ?
  • What is the status of the IAAS officers’ association?

Our seniors in PAG Mumbai were courteous enough to patiently answer all our queries. This was followed by high tea. I was able to closely interact with Ms. Sangita Chaure ( PAG, Audit I) and PAG (Accounts & Entitlements I) Ms. Sayantani Jafa. Both of them were courteous enough to offer their wisdom on many topics like the ongoing computerisation in the department, how computer science students would find the job challenging and interesting given the boost the department is trying to give to Big Data and information systems etc. I left the PAG Office Mumbai highly satisfied.

It is from this point on that our attachment turned sour. We were supposed to take the Air India flight to Delhi. The flight was delayed by thirty minutes. Once we reached Delhi, our academy had arranged for us to travel to Shimla in the mini bus of our academy. Needless to say this was a harrowing experience. 26 people tightly packed into a bus that barely had space, for an 8 hour journey. On top of this we were scheduled to attend the classes in the afternoon. Almost all of us had to sit through the class with heavy eyes, waiting to get back to Yarrows where we could cozy up in our bed.

However, I am not complaining about the schedule or the mode of travel. To a certain extent, I believe that tight schedules like this coming our way once in a while will help us in our work even when the circumstances are demanding. But, we are again scheduled to travel to Mussuorie for the inter service meet day after tomorrow. And that too by the same bus!! Will that help build character? Or is it just torture?