Yarrows Diaries: David prepares for the fight: Inter-Services Meet

Today was largely spent on the planning and discussions for our team strategy to be followed in the inter-services meet. Before I go into the details of our preparation, I feel it necessary to talk a little bit about the event itself.

Once you are into the civil services, it is very much like a college. Imagine yourself getting into one of the top colleges in India. Just like the college meets that you have, inter service meet is an occasion for the different service personnel to compete against each other and thereby develop a sense of camaraderie between each other.

Sangam, as the inter-service meet is named, took birth in 2014 in LBSNAA, as the brain child of Officer Trainees of the 2013 batch of Indian Administrative service. Since then LBSNAA has been hosting other services, and this has been a point of much debate. LBSNAA claims that the Sangam, being their brainchild should be held in Mussourie itself, while other academies argue that the chance to host the meet should be rotated.

I personally feel that it is better that an academy like NPA or NADT with much better facilities host it instead of LBSNAA every doing it always. Other than the reason that everyone should get their fair chance to host such a festival, there is also the question of facilities. When compared to NPA or NADT, LBSNAA simply doesn’t have enough facilities to conduct an event of such scale. I believe Indian Babus learn the art of unnecessary competition and cutthroat habits right from their training days. People who are not able to agree on such a simple matter are going to veer the wheels of our nation in the future!!

Coming back to the topic, Sangam 2017 will be a 3 day endeavour. Every academy can sent 20 people to participate in events ranging from sports to cultural. Needless to say, IAS has an unfair advantage of numbers, playing the host every time. I have also heard some of my friends in services like ICLS complaining of step motherly treatment by LBSNAA towards them. I don’t know the truth behind these allegations.

ISM Schedule
ISM Schedule

My name has been put up for debate, quiz, basketball and football. The debate, which would be in parliamentary form, has a select pool of around 21 topics. Even though the topics were given out one week in advance, we happened to look at them only today ( Yeah! we are that chilled about the whole event 🙂 ) My friend Rahul and I would be participating in the debate ( atleast I think so) We hurriedly rammed through some of the topics that were given. More than anything, I believe it would be a fun experience.

So tomorrow morning all of us start for Mussourie. This would be my first visit to the famed LBSNAA. Since I had skipped foundation course, I never had a chance to study in that great institute which has churned out many a fantastic bureaucrats. But now I have got an even better opportunity. Be there as a guest and just play!

( BTW, If you did read my yesterday’s post, you should know that we will be leaving by Innovas. It would only cost every OT an extra 250 Rupees as out-of-pocket expenditure. See, I told you. IAAS treats its OT’s pretty well.)