The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's PerfectionThe Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection by Michael A. Singer
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I came across this book after I had finished reading Viktor E. Frankl’s Man’s search for meaning. In that book, the author talks about the need to change our attitude towards what situations we find ourselves in. In many ways Michael A. Singer also advocates a similar approach.

Surrender experiments lurks somewhere along the line where spirituality and materiality meets. The author advocates surrendering yourself to any situation that life may put before us and completely acceding the the flow of life. However, I come out from this book with more questions than answers. For example, life presents you with many situations where you could make a choice. The author himself exercises his will at many of these situations. There is no clear cut principle that he follows to tell the reader whether to say yes or no to life in any given situation.

Also many of the author’s spiritual experiences are simply parroting what Indian spiritual masters have written. While many of his icons like Baba Muktanada have dubious pasts ( like many other Western iconised yogi’s). Overall, the whole method of the author, while sounding romantic, leaves you in doubt rather than acceptance.

Even though I started this book with great expectations, it did not appeal to me much. The authors method is something that the Geeta or any other standard book on Hinduism professes. While it may appeal to the western reader who is not exposed to these concepts, it is something that I have been brought up to believe in. Overall, not satisfied.

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