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City of Malls

If Delhi has been christened “City of Djinns“, it is time someone called Gurgaon “City of Malls”. Everywhere you look here, you will see a shopping mall or a complex.

Consider this. I am staying in an area called Sushant Lok (Phase I). It is one of the best residential areas in the city. And want to hear what the landmark of the place is? It is a shopping complex called Vyapar Kendra. You can probably buy your parents also here if you search hard enough.

Now go a little more from the junction and you reach DLF Galleria. It is supposedly the third costliest market in India. You can buy everything from paani poori to iPads here. There are some fine restaurants also here. The last time Lekhmy and I went there, we had an awesome Pizza from Fat Lulu.

Yesterday, we wanted to watch a movie, since it was Janmashtami and a holiday. I searched bookmyshow and found that IDI was playing in PVR in MGF Gurgaon. We reached MGF Metropolitan by 4:15 and walked upto the ticket counter of PVR. Lo! There was not a single movie playing at 4:30PM.

Lekshmy was quick to recover from the shock and offer the easiest explanation. There is another MGF Mall on the opposite side of the Road and it also houses a PVR. Ah! That made sense. We picked up our pieces and then started trotting fast towards the other side of the road through the MG Metro overpass. Once we reached there, in my excitement, I failed to see the ticket counter right at the entrance and ran through the fire escape to the top floor.

An exhausted I reached the theatre and asked for 3 tickets for IDI. The guy who sat there looked at me thinking I was some weirdo asking movie tickets for some alien movie he hadn’t heard before. IDI was not even on the chart.

Like I said, Gurgaon is full of shopping malls. The entire stretch of MG Road is strewn with shopping malls with different names. You often forget which is which. DLF rules the roost in the city with almost everything here carrying their name tag. The PVR mentioned in bookmyshow remains a mystery to us even now. This is a city built on shopping malls. And they want to name in Guru”gram”. The irony.

PS: Unlike MG Roads that you find in Kochi, Trivandrum and Bangalore the MG Road here stands not for Mahatma Gandhi Road. It is short for Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road. Lekshmy pointed that out to me. Now that was a trivia that cheered me up after all this running around.

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