Bharath Darshan- Day 3: AG Office/Goa Shipyard/ Baga Beach

Today was yet another fantastic day. Goa keeps surprising me everytime I visit her. In the morning, we had our scheduled visit to the AG Office in Goa. Goa AG Office is perhaps the smallest AG Office in the country, whatwith Goa being the smallest state in the country.

We met Mr. Ashuthosh Joshi who was very cordial and amiable in our interaction with us. He shared with us his experiences as an officer trainee, his varied experiences in different roles in and out of the department, and even mentioned how his batch was the one which made sure that Officer Trainees could go back to the academy before they proceed to their respective OJTs.

Previously it used to be such that each officer trainee would pack up his stuff from Yarrows, which would correspond to roughly 7 bags and then proceed for Bharath Darshan. His batch had a strength of 27 ( of which 24 remain) and therefore this meant 189 bags which was infeasible. Hence it was agreed that they wouldn’t have to carry all their bags for the entire duration of  the trip.

He was also intrigued when we mentioned that most of the OTs in our batch had held a job previously. He was even more surprised when he saw six doctors amongst us (We were not. We were by now accustomed to this reaction) After the chit chat, we presented the customary mementos and left AG, Goa by 11 AM. Our next destination was a visit to the Goa Shipyard Limited.

Goa Shipyard Limited

Goa Shipyard, located on the banks of River Zuari, is one of India’s best performing Shipyard. Owned by Government of India and Mazagaon Docks, it is India’s largest exporter of ships by number. The Shipyard produces ships for Indian Navy, Coast Guard and even other countries like Mauritius, Shri Lanka etc.

@ Goa Shipyard Limited

GSL is located in the Vasco Da Gama Area of Goa, which is a large township. In addition to this the shipyard is also located at an environmentally vulnerable area. This makes it difficult for the existing infrastructure to be upgraded. Thus, even though the expertise to develop even aircraft carriers and submarines exist, the shipyard chokes with the lack of infrastructure. A modernisation process is underway at the company.

A completely paperless company, GSL is also a mini ratna company. When I asked the director the question whether GSL would also go for public issue in the future, I was greeted with a broad smile.

We were taken to the Steel Preparation Shop, Ship Lifting Control Room and shown the facilities. The Supervisor at the Steel Preparation Shop gave us a brief on the process that goes on there like the priming, rolling and cutting of steel. At the lifting area, we were shown one of the techniques that was used to lift the ship and place it into the building area.

Following the Shipyard visit, we were to resume with more fun activities ( not that shipyard wasn’t fun.) In the small gap that I got between lunch and getting ready to proceed to Baga, I plunged into our hotel pool for about half an hour.

Baga Beach, Calangute

If the south Goa beaches are synonymous with peace and serenity, North Goa beaches throb with life. Baga beach is very crowded with may be thousands thronging the beach in any typical day during the season. We were put up at Cosmos hotel, and after having some snacks decided to proceed to try out water sports. Our office had arranged for 2 water sports that we could undertake officially.

Now for every water sport, there are two rates. For example, if I were to get a ticket for jet skiing, I would be told that I can ride the jet skii for a 100 metre into the sea and come back, or negotiate a rate with the pillion ( who is one of the organisers) to proceed for 600 more metres. Even though it is a pure rip off, many of us decided that it would be worth trying out these things atleast once. However, do bargain with the guides like anything. We made the mistake of not bargaining during the first time.

Jet SKiing
Jet SKiing

I went for the jet skii and the banana boat. Both were first time experiences for me at Goa. Jet Skii, rides like a bike and my pillion did show me how to do some stunts. However, the highlight was the banana boat, which is tugged to a machine boat and then taken into the sea. On the way, it is toppled and then you can swim for some time in the sea. I loved the whole experience. It was too much fun trying to swim in the open sea.

I feel Goa is the perfect place for a couple or anyone who wishes to unwind. Its truly the land of beaches, booze, bikes and bakeries.


We proceed to Bangalore next, from where my batch will proceed to Hampi by tomorrow night train. I will be proceeding to Delhi, following the Official activity at Bangalore. I have a medical test scheduled by the DoPT as part of my Civil Service Exam, 2016. Following this, I will be joining the batch at Hyderabad, on 1st morning. Hampi being a place I have visited before, I try to console myself saying that I will not be missing anything. Truth be told, it will never be the same as visiting it with my batchmates.