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Justice Karnan Issue: An Archive

Hitherto unheard of things are unfolding in the constitutional space of India. There is a direct conflict between the justices of Supreme Court and a justice of the Calcutta High Court. Justice Karnan has so far meted out defiance to the Supreme Court orders. While how the whole event will unfold is yet to be seen, I felt that I should create a timeline of the events as it happened the past few months for future reference. So, here you go.

  1. Collegium recommends transfer of High Court Judges
  2. Stop allotting work to Justice Karnan: SC tells Madras HC
  3. Justice Karnan’s judicial journey
  4. Madras HC Judge stays his transfer
  5. Passed erroneous order due to mental frustration
  6. SC Issues contempt notice to Justice Karnan
  7. Contempt notice a violation of natural justice rules: Justice Karnan
  8. Justice Karnan fails to show up in SC
  9. SC issues bailable warrants against Justice Karnan
  10. Justice Karnan threatens to prosecute SC Judges
  11. Justice Karnan rejects warrant issued by Supreme Court
  12. Respond to contempt notice in 4 weeks: SC to Justice Karnan
  13. Arrest me, Imprison me: Justice Karnan dares SC
  14. Karnan visits SC, doesn’t do administrative, judicial work
  15. Karnan directs SC Judges to appear before him
  16. Now, Karnan bans travel of SC Judges
  17. SC orders Karnan to be medically examined
  18. Karnan issues warrant against CJI, 6 judges
  19. Justice Karnan refuses to undergo medical tests
  20. Karnan orders 5 years RI for CJI, 7 judges
  21. SC sentences Karnan to 6 months imprisonment
  22. Karnan tells SC that he wants to challenge his conviction


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